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I'm online at last ...

... now for the long process of downloading / installing everything.

Still offline ...

... but I've just ordered a shiny new laptop. Broadband is proving complicated, but I hope it will be sorted out in a week or two.

I'm fed up with expensive internet cafes Sad.

I'm going home to Australia

I'll be off the air for a few weeks ... until I can get a laptop and get internet connection.

SPAM in JNode blogs

It is irritating, to say the least.

So why do they do it? Surely they don't think that JNode readers are stupid enough to follow the links do they?

My guess is that it is actually about boosting the ranking of pages in Google, etc search results. So why don't we put the blog entry pages into a separate tree and set up a robots.txt file to tell web crawlers not to index them? Or put 'meta' tags into the pages to do the same?

What do people think? Do we have any drupal experts?

Proclets - light-weight processes in JNode

The idea of a 'proclet' is to provide a light-weight equivalent of UNIX processes in JNode without the potential overheads of isolates.

The 'process' is one of the key abstractions in a UNIX/Linux operating system. A process consists of an address space with one ore more execution threads, and has an array of file decriptors, a set of environment variables, a current directory, a real and effective user and a few other things. In addition, a process can be reliably controlled from the outside; i.e. it can be killed, suspended and debugged, and can have its scheduling properties modified.

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