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Loading stage2 .......

I dual boot Ubuntu (on a 32 bit Intel iMac) and I needed to reinstall the other partition anyway so I thought I'd give Jnode a try first. I downloaded jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso and used Disk Utility to burn it to a CD. Restarted, selected the CD through rEFIt, and waited. And waited. And went out for a bike ride around the east perimeter of San Francisco, which was quite nice this first foggy afternoon of the year. Soma, Telegraph Hill, and Nob Hill passed by. Back at home, the same message is on my screen: Loading stage2 .......

Guess I'll get back to Linux.

woo hoo!

It's exciting to get started with JNode. But I have no clue how to configure the thing. Firstly, I type in the Dvorak keyboard layout, and my best guesses as to the syntax for locale, or for loadkeys, seems to be not good enough. "US en Dvorak"? There's no list of available layouts! Gar.

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