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Removing dependencies

Internal Dependencies

ClassLib has been split out of the trunk and seems to really help the build process. I'd like to see a few more splits like that. I think these 4 groups would be ideal...

1) ClassLib - contains all generic Java API
Some JNode specific parts may exist, but ideally as little as possible or with a clean and defined JNode <-> Java API to reduce porting issues.

2) Kernel - contains all boot, and VM; also contains JNode API
This is required to build/run JNode and would be akin to the Linux kernel; the difference between this section and the next section is security, drivers exist here to be compiled into the kernel such as input and video (not sound, network, etc).

3) Drivers/Support - contains all JNode specific code, drivers and apps
This is extra drivers and support to be loaded at run time (sound, network, etc) and JNode only commands like fdisk, mount as they have little or no use outside JNode. All this would be compiled with but not in the kernel image.

4) Distro - contains (pure java) all non-JNode code
This should follow "write once, run anywhere" ideals and extra JNode projects or 3rd party code, (Sun JDK, JNAsm, tomcat, derby, netbeans, etc)

Kernel and Drivers/Support are very close and the idea behind splitting them is to help maintain the API and security (kernel space/user space). I know those are far off goals but stating them now helps us plan to reach them. Chosing to combine them may be a better idea, I'm not sure myself.

I don't like the Forums and Issue Tracker

I have a lot of ideas and things to say, and some of it should never be said.

Many people have lots of good ideas, and I have one or two as well. But what becomes a great idea often starts as a very bad one, and only after lots of thought and review does it become a great idea.

The Forums and Issue Tracker are full of what could be great ideas that have not been given much thought. To help reduce the clutter, I'd like to propose my ideas here and let people talk them over in IRC or email. Once they have become descent and people agree it's a good direction, then post it officially for review.

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