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I am at the RMLL 2009

i am at the LSM 2009 (LSM stands for Libre Software Meeting), at Nantes, France.
If you want to meet me (I am an active member of jnode since many years), simply reply here or send me an email through jnode's web contact form ( i can't access my mail here send it at fabien dot duminy at gmail dot com instead).

Anyway, i will post some news on my own blog

JNode team is going to FOSDEM (brussels, belgium)

Tomorrow, I am going to FOSDEM in belgium and I will meet 3 other members of the team Smiling
You can meet us at the ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), especially at our presentation on sunday afternoon.

troubles with vmware server & (k)ubuntu

If you have troubles with running vmware server on kubuntu, you should have a look at that

It's in french but the more important parts are command lines.

discovery of the day

Today I discovered 2 interesting softwares :

  • pisces : a wrapper for JUnit that allow to remotely run JUnit tests, in a transparent way. So, you can run the wrapper on your developpement PC and effectively run the JUnit tests on your test PC.
  • ext2 IFS for windows : a nt/xp system driver for reading/writing ext2 partition from windows. That may eventually be usefull for debugging of ext2 FS modified by JNode, without the need to install linux.
  • update of the class File from the Classpath version

    Eclipse don't seems to be able to compare 2 files if one is not in a CVS repository.
    So, I will have to compare by hand.

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