High Performance VM integration in JNode

To make JNode VM level as a High Performanced VM we need to bring a Huge changes in it; more new Experiments in it now require for making it stable.running it in more Low Memory
it is real chanllenge:::
I'm seriously considering replacing/rewriting our VM by JikesRVM. I want to share the reasons for doing so and the problems I'm encountering/expecting(during studying the Research papers of JikesRVM).

First of all the reasons:
- Writing a good & fast VM is a difficult process which takes a lot of time.(Thanks to Ewout here)
- RVM has compilers for both Intel & PowerPC
- RVM has both baseline & optimizing compilers(as the research papers are saying).

Steps for JNode in JNode

Here we now start to keeping track about building JNode within JNode.It is a really interesting task for Jnode development process.It will give JNode more Bugs Fixing,more functionalities.
We need some useful tools for the target JNode in JNode.

1)A Java Assembler:
We have a JNASM.But not working now for some bugs in it.need to fix them first now.(now i am looking for them; any help is welcome).
2)ISO Building Tool:
like the isofs.exe etc that we using now.
3)Java2ByteCode Converter:
A javac functional givener implemented by JAVA.
4)ANT tools:

woo hoo!

It's exciting to get started with JNode. But I have no clue how to configure the thing. Firstly, I type in the Dvorak keyboard layout, and my best guesses as to the syntax for locale, or for loadkeys, seems to be not good enough. "US en Dvorak"? There's no list of available layouts! Gar.

The JNode Building Helping DOCs

This link to the rapidshare will provide you a PDF docs that saying about the Building the Source code in Linux and the M$ Window$.

This will help to the new comers in Jnode i think.Hence i just written the steps for building the Source code of JNode here in that Docs.

Thanks to Pip for giving his experience in the JNode site once.

The Link is :

Look to the link.
Tango Devian

Code style

The current code style in Jnode is so inconsistent that it's a royal pain to modify any given file without modifying IDE settings each time.

I'd love to suggest using a more consistent style. Standardise the indent to 4. Eliminate all tabs so that tab stops don't unpredictably change from 4 to 8 (and vice versa) on various editors -- some editors don't even have the option to change the tab stop value.

The Sun style of trailing open braces doesn't really bother me but I've encountered some places in the code where the other brace style is used and it's unclear on which one new code is supposed to use. Pick one.

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