How to install on a Hard Drive ?

Ok, I got the CD image and the PC boots from it and it seems to work. My PC has a C: drive formatted as FAT and has no OS.

Do I need to have my C drive bootable in Dos ? It currently does not.

What do I need to do to get Jnode installed on the this drive?



Asking about " Fragmented Plugin "

Please explain me the concept of the "Fragmented Plugin" here is a discussion on the Fragmented plugins...

Pleasse explain me on it...

About Current Threading in JNODE

what is the current Threading is in JNode??
Here the all processes are coming with different Thread Condition.

ie the euuivalent to a new FORK== new Thread(); is not ??

So then there is a class ...
what its functionalities??

Please explain it....

The Parallel Port Supportting to JNODE

hi guys,

look here : for giving support to JNode with Parallel port


Proclets - light-weight processes in JNode

The idea of a 'proclet' is to provide a light-weight equivalent of UNIX processes in JNode without the potential overheads of isolates.

The 'process' is one of the key abstractions in a UNIX/Linux operating system. A process consists of an address space with one ore more execution threads, and has an array of file decriptors, a set of environment variables, a current directory, a real and effective user and a few other things. In addition, a process can be reliably controlled from the outside; i.e. it can be killed, suspended and debugged, and can have its scheduling properties modified.

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