Cannot See the GUI mode...

To boot the JNode0.2.4....using both of the VMware and VBox, I cannot booting into the GUI mode.
After choosing from the Grub loader.....after sometime a BLACk screen comes.....then nothing happens........but i can enter into the command promt...

Pls help me out..
regards tango

Sharing Books-Docs proposal to ALL

It will be a good for everyone if the all users and developers can share BOOKS/TUTORIALS/DOCs etc between them......this will make the JNODE COMMUNITY more effectively binded to each and everyone.....

New FS in JNode..

a new File system designing work has started on Jnode;

This FS is quite same in the properties of the BFS of BEOS(by Dominic Gimpaolo).
This book written by Mr.Gimpaolo(Practical File System design with the Be File System)
is helping me very much by giving different designing properties notes on BFS and for a new One.

Adding SSHH, SSH2,telnet functionality

Okay, I began porting an application to work on JNode. The application it a terminal that allows SSH, SSH2, and telnet connections.

Ok, so after reviewing some of the packages JNode uses, I found some of them that I was porting. So now begins the task of just making clients.

**This post was edited on 2/10/2007

About File System


What is the logical structure JNode use to track the sectorsto the HDD??

What is the position of the Code that write the Physical Sectors on the FD or HDD??
Pls help me to find out..........

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