How to set log4j within Eclipse

Hi All,
I am new to java & log4j.
I am using eclipse IDE.
how, where can I set/put the log4j.jar so it will available from eclipse and my project work properly

It would be great if anyone can help me solve this.


Open source project hosting

Google has started an open source project hosting service:

A project hosting service comparison page:

These can be useful when we consider again finding a better place for jnode.

My First Entery

I am just trying this jnode for the first time. Got the thing running in the VMWare. I am actually going to build a Java-optimised OS for an FPGA thus was looking at this OS to get ideas for implementation. My main concern is this OS has been developed for normal Computer's and thus has no Real-time analysis been done which would be very important for my work. But this is good for a starting point.


3 years

A couple of days ago I checked my sourceforge status and found that today the 11. may 2006 the JNode project has been registrated for 3 years on sourceforge. One thing is sure, it's have been some great years for both JNode and the community that have become active hereby. Looking at the state of JNode then and now, we have come a long way where we almost are at the state where development can be done inside of JNode.

My own personal life also has taken some curves in the past 3 years. When I joined the project in august 2003, I had one dauther age 2.5, now I got 3 dauthers and we moved from our flat into a big house.

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