3 years

A couple of days ago I checked my sourceforge status and found that today the 11. may 2006 I have been a member of the JNode project for 3 years. One thing is sure, it's have been some great years for both JNode and the community that have become active hereby. Looking at the state of JNode then and now, we have come a long way where we almost are at the state where development can be done inside of JNode.

My own personal life also has taken some curves in the past 3 years. When I joined I had one dauther age 2.5, now I got 3 dauthers and we moved from our flat into a big house. All this dr

I'm interested in jnode

it's pure java and really good

OS Fans

I am an os fans.I am attracted by the jnode,but I can't download it.Who can tell me why?I live in BeiJing China.I have tried many times,and I went to the sourceforge web site to get the source from cvs,neither can I get it.What's wrong with sourceforge?

To all

I whish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. And hope that 2006 will be as good as this year.

Fabien L.

Hello everyone

I am chinese

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