LOL..I just wanted to say that i may have time for JNode again.

Working on a open source license to Intellij IDEA for JNode developers

I'm in contact with JetBrains for a open source license to IntelliJ IDEA for JNode developers.

i'm here

i'm just got registered in
is there any tutorial for jnode?

Getting started

I have now gotten around to look at JNode 0.1.10 and I find the concept quite interesting (since I think that Java computers are very needed), but I have been quite unsuccessful in getting any real work done.

I can boot JNode with QEMU under Windows but without network, but I cannot get it running under QEMU under Ubuntu Linux (where I have the source and build environemtn setup). I can boot JNOde from CDROM correctly on 1 of the three computers I have and then it hangs on the "dir" command, and I do not have a VMWARE license so I cannot test that either. Oh well - just more fun.

After thinking it very carefully over, I believe that what I might be interested in doing, is getting a NFS client running under JNode so that it is possible to access the same files from the development computer and

AMD64 port

The AMD64 port is slowly but surely becoming a reality.
There are still a few bugs to solve, but at least i'm now able to boot JNode and run some commands.

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