I've started working on a driver for my the Broadcom Corp NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet card in my Dell laptop. It seems like the bcm570x can be used to many cards, but I will check it later. I would liked to have started making a driver for the wireless TrueMobile 1400 card, also a Broadcom, but I can't find any real documentation.

Will Jnode run on 120 Mb RAM?


Jnode failed to boot in
AMD athlon(tm) XP 1700+,120 MB RAM

I am getting the following message many times
Using GC heap type java.lang.StringBuffer
Object type
child addr FFFFFFFF
Field offset 0000001C
Debug Stacktrace:
org.jnode.vm.VmStackReader:debugStackTrace 000000D6

Why does it occurs?

Error-How to start GUI?

While booting KetBoardInterPreter_UK nOt found error message.How to solve it?I am getting the following error while starting JNodeWTTest.

INFO[JNMouseHandler]:No hardware-cursor found on device fb0
Exception in command
java.lang.NullPointerException:NPE at address OCA17942
org.jnode.vm.VmReflection!invoke(352)!run(38 [java.lang.reflect.Method#invoke 264])

abt size

what is the size of the jnode??how memory management takes place here??

Leaving for vacation in Brazil

I'm going on vacation in São Paulo, Brazil for one month (14/12 2004 to about the 15/1 2005) so my work on jnode will be very little... I can see on there is alot of hits from Brazil on our pages, maybe if someone is living in São Paulo and wants to see me/work we could met.. Note that I don't take my laptop with me.

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