Looking for jnode jar file!

May I know jnode jar file is available to download? I would like some coding to refer to org.jnode.driver to get bios information. Thanks!

JNode USB device+Port Identifiers

  • USB Device+Port Identifiers
  • This small documents provides "stable" string identifiers for USB devices,appropriate for use in separations and troubleshooting,in JNode.

    The names identify the path used to access a hub port (and hence implicitly identify any device connected there) on a Host.

    If you control the physical cabling of a tree of USB hubs and devices, you control the devices associated with these names.If you don't rewire your USB tree, port identifiers won't change.When you do switch cables, you can figure out the new port ids by using the port numbers on your hubs (or positions, for hubs that don't label their ports).

    java OS development

    hallo ,i to sharing for development java operating system.

    JEos- JNode e-Co System

    all JNode friends,
    We are very happy to declare that we started a new e-Community structure for JNode Researchers.

    Welcome to JEos

    We need comments,Help from everybody for making JNode as a Next Gen Hero Smiling

    mk-Tools on JNode- mkjfat

    The JNode based JFAT formatter now working on JNode.Primarily it is working as the Quick Formatter technique.The Command for formating a HDD with JFAT is as :

  • jnode\>mkjfat -c [1|2|4|8|16|32|64] hdb0

  • mkjfat- It is the command name.

  • -c - Specifying the Cluster Size.Here,1 stands for 1KB.2 for 2 KB.
  • hdb0-The Partition Name going to be formatted.

    1)Supporting to the Deep Formatting.
    2)Supports to the FDD,RamDisk,and Flash ROM(hence the
    USB Properties enhancement is going on).
    3)Adding the mk-(EXT2+NTFS+ISO9660) support.

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