Are there any plans to support GNU Classpath?

GNU classpath is currently used. There are however some minor differences.

It is intended that Classpath is used out of the box somewhere in the future. In the mean time, classpath is part of the JNode source repository and is synced on a somewhat regular based with the latest version from classpath.org.

Edited by Fabien D :
Since it is open sourced, we are moving to openjdk (instead of using GNU Classpath).

Are you using openjdk ?

Since it is open sourced, we are moving to openjdk (instead of using GNU Classpath).

At the time I am writing this article, we have misc sources from both GNU Classpath, openjdk and icedtea(the parts that are not free in jdk will be replaced by free parts from GNU world)

How do I configure the network in JNode?

The network can be configured with dynamic IP address or with a fixed IP address.

Note : To find the name of your network card, just type "ifconfig" and you will get a list of available devices.

Configuring the "loopback" interface
You need to configure the loopback interface for the DNS setup performed by the dhcp to work.

  • Run ifconfig as follows:
    ifconfig loopback

Configuring JNode with a dynamic address

  • Configure "loopback" as above.
  • Run the dhcp command followed by the name of the network card. For example:
    dhcp eth-pci(0,17,0)
  • If dhcp fails with an exception that talks about a timeout, try the command again.

Configuring JNode with a fixed IP address

  • Use the ifconfig command to set your desired IP address. For example:
    ifconfig eth-pci(0,17,0)
  • Now, use the route command. For example:
    route add eth-pci(0,17,0)

To read more about the commands and their options see the user docs.

How to join the development team

The answer is on this page.

What is the minimal required hardware?

To run JNode on and X86 PC, you must have at least the following hardware.

Pentium processor
256Mb RAM

To run it a bit more interesting, the following hardware is recommended (or better).

Pentium 3 processor
512Mb RAM
32-bit graphics card

Will XYZ run on JNode?

People often want to know if their favorite Java-based application or library runs on JNode.

The short answer is usually: "We don't know; why don't you give it a try?".

The long answer is that it depends on the nature of the application. Here are some guidelines:

  • Non-GUI based applications that are pure Java and that use only J2SE libraries have a chance of working right now.
  • Applications that use AWT/Swing or that stress garbage collection, multi-threading and the security model may have problems right now. JNode's deficiencies are being addressed; please feel free to help.
  • If the application has (or depends on) C/C++ libraries, then it will not work unless the libraries are recoded in Java.
  • If the application relies on external (non Java) programs then it will not work unless
  • those programs can be coded in Java and ported to JNode.