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ProjectSummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
JNode Corefile renaming needs a rewritepatch (code needs review)criticaltask2 years 44 weekskinaeda
JNode CoreRemote debuggingactivenormalsupport request2 years 44 weekslsantha
JNode CoreTracking issue: integration of Jikes RVM with JNodactivenormaltask2 years 48 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode FSMake the EXT2 magic number check more robustpatch (code needs review)minorfeature request2 years 49 weeks
JNode ShellBjorne shell tracking issueactivenormaltask2 years 49 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode BuilderNPEs in jnode-japiactiveminorbug report3 years 13 hours
JNode FSFS : file deletion does not work.activenormalbug report3 years 2 weeksgalatnm
JNode CoreQuad core not detected (only 2 core)activenormalbug report3 years 3 weeks
JNode FSSome ISO images show no contents at all.activecriticalbug report3 years 7 weeks
JNode AllJNode class library reorganizationactivenormaltask3 years 13 weekslsantha
JNode WebsitePortal migration to a Java based environmentactivenormaltask3 years 37 weeks
JNode BuilderFailed building: FileSystemFullExceptionpatch (comments requested)normalbug report3 years 43 weeksFarok
JNode CoreVESA mode on VMWare doesn't show a command prompt activenormalbug report4 years 5 weeks
JNode FSFilesystem Block sizeactiveminorsupport request4 years 20 weeks
JNode DistroCreate a partitionning tool for JNode (JPartition)activenormaltask4 years 28 weeksFabien D
JNode ShellImproving MuSyntax backtracking performanceactivenormaltask4 years 31 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode FSJNode cannot open a File for appendingactivenormalbug report4 years 33 weeks
JNode ShellIsolate and IsolateInvoker tracking issueactivenormaltask4 years 34 weeks
JNode Allcleanup classlib6/non-classlib6 on svnactivenormaltask4 years 34 weekslsantha
JNode Builderassemblers in JNodeactivenormalfeature request4 years 38 weeksGriffenJBS
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