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ProjectSummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
JNode CoreImplement a soft key binding mechanism for keyboaractivenormalfeature request9 years 1 weekStephen Crawley
JNode Shelljava command are missing away of giving -D argumenactivenormalbug report9 years 2 weeks
JNode Coregnu.classpath.version property is incorrectactiveminorbug report9 years 3 weeks
JNode NetNoRouteToHostExceptionactivenormalbug report9 years 3 weeks
JNode FSImplement virtual file systems for HTTP/HTTPS and activenormalfeature request9 years 6 weeks
JNode CoreInvestigate upgrading to nanoXML/Javaactivenormaltask9 years 7 weeks
JNode CoreInvestigate integrating Terracotta with JNodeactivenormalfeature request9 years 7 weeks
JNode CoreSupport the "Substance" look&feelactivenormalfeature request9 years 8 weeks
JNode CoreSetting the timezone / offets on JNode startupactivenormalbug report9 years 8 weeks
JNode CoreUpdate to newer version of 'charva'activenormaltask9 years 8 weeks
JNode Coremethod is nullactivenormalbug report9 years 8 weeks
JNode ShellRunning the Bjorne shell as a commandactivenormaltask9 years 8 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode FSFileSystem enhancementactivenormalfeature request9 years 8 weeksPeter
JNode NetWireless network supportactivenormalfeature request9 years 8 weeks
JNode NetEEPRO 100 Driveractivenormaltask9 years 8 weeksgalatnm
JNode BuilderA tool to create/edit plugin descriptorsactivenormalfeature request9 years 8 weeks
JNode ShellAdapt new command syntax for interactive commandsactivenormalfeature request9 years 8 weeks
JNode Allintegrate grub 2activenormaltask9 years 8 weeks
JNode WebsiteBug submitter / submission date not displayedactivenormalbug report9 years 8 weeksPeter
JNode AllInvestigate NestedVMactivenormaltask9 years 8 weeks
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