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JNode NetNE2000 PCI is freezing on bootactivecriticalbug report6 years 8 weeks
JNode CoreAt present, the FatFileSystemType classes patch (code needs review)normalbug report6 years 39 weeks
JNode FSPotential for infinite recursion in Fat.getChainactivenormalbug report6 years 3 weeks
JNode CoreFAT-16 exposes volume label as a directory entryactivenormalbug report7 years 2 weeks
JNode AllDocument the classlib reorganizatiomactivecriticaltask5 years 44 weeks
JNode CoreSign all plugins (their jar file), to avoiactivenormalfeature request6 years 39 weeks
JNode ShellAdapt new command syntax for interactive commandsactivenormalfeature request6 years 27 weeks
JNode AllInvestigate NestedVMactivenormaltask6 years 27 weeks
JNode CoreUpdate to newer version of 'charva'activenormaltask6 years 26 weeks
JNode CorePermission: java.util.PropertyPermission dnsjava.oactiveminorbug report7 years 5 weeks
JNode CoreGet the ALT-SysRq debugger workingactivenormaltask5 years 47 weeks
JNode CoreProblems with the "remoteout" commandactivenormalbug report6 years 43 weeks
JNode AllPuzzling warnings during javadoc generationactiveminorbug report5 years 31 weeks
JNode Coreclass file has wrong version 50.0, should be 49.0activenormalbug report1 year 32 weeks
JNode FSNeed filesystem recovery after no unmount (crash/kactivecriticalfeature request6 years 8 weeks
JNode FSMake the EXT2 magic number check more robustpatch (code needs review)minorfeature request3 years 41 weeks
JNode CoreTo see the USB devices connected to the JNactivenormalfeature request6 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreInvestigate upgrading to nanoXML/Javaactivenormaltask6 years 26 weeks
JNode WebsiteJNode Software Catalog activenormalfeature request6 years 28 weeks
JNode BuilderAdd more 'markers' for xml descriptorsactiveminorfeature request5 years 42 weeks
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