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ProjectSummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
JNode CoreResolverImpl needs some workactivenormaltask8 years 10 weeks
JNode Core64 bit build bugactivenormalbug report7 years 14 weeks
JNode FSFormatter for JFATactivenormalfeature request7 years 48 weeks
JNode GUICirrus Driveractiveminorfeature request6 years 51 weeks
JNode CoreMissing Packages in Jnode 0.2.8activecriticalbug report4 years 16 weeks
JNode CoreBootimageBuilder fails for jvm versions <1.6activenormalbug report8 years 3 weeks
JNode GUIThe quit/halt/reboot actions have stopped workingactivenormalbug report7 years 35 weeks
JNode CorePermission: java.util.PropertyPermission user.timeactiveminorbug report8 years 26 weeks
JNode FSext2 writes empty files or not at allactivecriticalbug report7 years 29 weeks
JNode CoreProblems with the "debug" commandactivenormaltask8 years 12 weeks
JNode ShellRFEs for input driver line editing.activenormalfeature request7 years 9 hours
JNode GUIvga driver has bugs and is incompleteactivenormaltask7 years 49 weeks
JNode Coregnu.classpath.version property is incorrectactiveminorbug report7 years 43 weeks
JNode BuilderBuild dies occasionally due to file handle leakageactivenormalbug report7 years 35 weeks
JNode CoreOOM is not recoverable, but should beactivecriticalbug report7 years 29 weeks
JNode CoreTry Test Filesystemactivenormalsupport request8 years 15 weeks
JNode CoreAnnotation handling is brokenactivecriticalbug report7 years 19 weeks
JNode WebsitePortal migration to a Java based environmentactivenormaltask5 years 50 weeks
JNode ShellIsolate and IsolateInvoker tracking issueactivenormaltask6 years 47 weeks
JNode FSJava 7 - nio.2activenormalfeature request4 years 4 weeks
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