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JNode CoreRefresh TFTP code from upstreamactivenormaltask6 years 14 weeks
JNode Coremethod is nullactivenormalbug report5 years 51 weeks
JNode CoreAt boot on Core 2 duo (mac intel), only onactivenormalbug report6 years 11 weeks
JNode ShellWildcards in filenamesactivenormalbug report5 years 34 weeks
JNode Corewhen boot under kvm always give me "oops"activenormalbug report1 year 4 weeks
JNode CoreMissing methods in various filesystems.activenormalfeature request6 years 30 weeks
JNode FSNTFS: Sometimes the length of a file in the index activeminorfeature request5 years 31 weeks
JNode ShellSupport more complicated command syntaxesactivenormalfeature request5 years 19 weeks
JNode CoreWhen an usb keyboard is detected, no keyboactivenormalbug report5 years 37 weeks
JNode Shelljava command are missing away of giving -D argumenactivenormalbug report5 years 45 weeks
JNode Allnew targetactivenormalfeature request5 years 5 weeks
JNode Allintegrate grub 2activenormaltask5 years 52 weeks
JNode BuilderDebug build not workingactivenormalbug report5 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreUSB HID devices are not yet supportedactivenormalfeature request1 year 49 weeks
JNode Coreharddisk filesystem directory separation suggestioactivenormalfeature request6 years 34 weeks
JNode CoreFree memory for classes loaded and no longer needeactivenormaltask5 years 32 weeks
JNode CoreExtend the Help system to support full-scale multiactivenormaltask5 years 23 weeks
JNode BuilderAdd a custom.plugin.dir for jnode.propertiesactivenormalfeature request5 years 14 weeks
JNode CoreCheck for synchronization problems in the keyboardactivenormaltask6 years 2 weeks
JNode FSjfat: EmptyStackException from FatCacheactivenormalbug report5 years 41 weeks
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