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JNode CoreAnnotation handling is brokenactivecriticalbug report6 years 37 weeks
JNode WebsitePortal migration to a Java based environmentactivenormaltask5 years 16 weeks
JNode ShellIsolate and IsolateInvoker tracking issueactivenormaltask6 years 13 weeks
JNode NetNoRouteToHostExceptionactivenormalbug report7 years 9 weeks
JNode FSJava 7 - nio.2activenormalfeature request3 years 22 weeks
JNode CoreGraphics rotationactiveminorfeature request9 years 37 weeks
JNode Netnetwork device comes up only after 20s after commaactivenormalbug report6 years 47 weeks
JNode Corepossible setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_Cpatch (code needs review)normalbug report3 years 46 weeks
JNode CoreJIFS needs work to deal with isolate threadsactivenormalbug report8 years 10 weeks
JNode CoreJnode Kernel support for running perfomant on hypeactivenormalfeature request7 years 34 weeks
JNode CoreVESA mode on VMWare doesn't show a command prompt activenormalbug report5 years 36 weeks
JNode Coreformat commands cannot reformat a device with a diactivenormalbug report7 years 27 weeks
JNode CoreQuad core not detected (only 2 core)activenormalbug report4 years 34 weeks
JNode CoreI'm proposing the implementation of debuggactivenormalfeature request7 years 26 weeks
JNode FSExt2 filesystem driver doesn't delete directory enactivenormalbug report3 years 26 weeks
JNode Websitecould u please provide a bittorent release or a miactivenormalfeature request2 years 21 weeks
JNode CoreUsing record date, should mabye use File Mactivenormaltask7 years 26 weeks
JNode CorePermission "(java.awt.AWTPermission accessClipboaractiveminorbug report3 years 28 weeks
JNode BuilderNPEs in jnode-japiactiveminorbug report4 years 31 weeks
JNode CoreProblems with SuiteCommand and TestManageractivenormalbug report7 years 29 weeks
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