JNode & OpenJDK

OpenJDK has been release by Sun Microsystems recently as free open source software.
More speciffically the Java class library included into OpenJDK is released under GPLv2 + "Classpath exception" which makes it eligible for inclusion into JNode. This class library largely corresponds to the standard class library included in the mature, stable, production quality release of Java 6. For JNode this means stability, correctnes and adherence to the standard Java on the class library level.
We are investigating ways to take advantage of this wonderful possibility offered by Sun Microsystems to the Java community and we are trying to combine the OpenJDK class library with the current GNU Classpath based class library of JNode.
If you think this is an interesting effort please submit your ideas here or join us to make it real.


OpenJDK integration progress: javac support

A large amount of code has been merged from OpenJDK. Finer integration issues are being sorted out.
The standard Java compiler (javac) from OpenJDK is working in JNode. It is available in the full plugin package.



More stability / adherence to spec is usually a good thing so mostly it sounds like a good idea to me.

There are a few places where GNU Classpath is currently superior. For instance, the Sun implementation of java.util.zip has been known to crash from time to time, and currently has major issues listing the contents of password protected zip files, whereas the GNU version has neither of these issues.

But now that it's open source, I wonder if it's acceptable to pull the entirety of java.util.zip from GNU Classpath out and "contribute" it to OpenJDK.