boot code of jnode

Hi for everybody. I'm beggining to use the jnode.
I want to get the code for the boot sequence of jnode, anybody know where can i found it?

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How could JNode be started with Lilo ?

Lilo is not multi-boot compliant

The JNode requires a multiboot compliant bootloader. Since lilo is (as far as i know) not multiboot compliant, the only option i see is to install grub on another partition and link it from lilo as a chainloader.

Boot code


Grub is used as bootloader, after which a nano-kernel writtern in assembler takes over. Yo can find it at core/src/native/x86/*.asm


setup grub

Hi Ewout,

How to get the nano-kernel running, I got a linux distro on a HD with grub on the first sector for the HD (not in mbr), I currently don't use Linux so I could remove the partitions and leave grub on the disc.
But how do I configurate grub so it will start the JNode kernel, and on which kind of partition I have to install JNode (FAT, EXT2,...)?

I realy wanted to see JNode running.


Grub config

This is a typical grub configuration.
The type of FS used is not that important yet, since JNode does not care (only grub does) but if you stick with ext2 or fat, you're probably right.

# JNode
title JNode
kernel (hd0,0)/jnodesys.gz
module (hd0,0)/full.jgz

These files are placed by the build process in
\all\build\x86\jnodesys.gz and \all\build\initjars\full.jgz

How to run JNode from GRUB?

I burned the jnode-x86-0.1.9.iso in re-writable CD.
After burning I boot from the CD and the GRUB prompt appear, houw would I run JNode from the GRUB prompt?

I'm sorry for asking this simple question.