Networking not working in VMWare 4?


I'm just getting started with building/using JNode.

However, ifconfig doesn't list any devices other than loopback.

So, is it possible that JNode doesn't recognize the network card simulated by VMWare 4? Or am I just blind and can't see where to config the device? Smiling


some research

yeah thanks, now it recognizes the card. I'll do a little testing now...

edit: well it doesn't go very far beyond the recognition of the card. I can assign an ip to the card, but it won't respond to pings from outside (via bridged networking in vmware), and it won't get an ip from the dhcp server (via the dhcp command) in my home network.

It also won't work with the dhcp server from vmware (using "nat" or "private host-network only" in vmware).

so, my question - _should_ this work? or is it my fault? Smiling

I am trying to write a driver

I am trying to write a driver for PCNET 32 NIC.
I am starting from Lance driver and pcnet32.c from Linux kernel.

Wait and see...

Giving up

I tryied but failed, I'm not a driver specialist and I don't understand all the Linux code neither how it is ported to jNode. I've tried to compare the 3c59x.c and the _3C90x package and it is too complex for me without a good documentation.

I have done 40% of the job and I am stuck on the RxTxRings, buffers and how the memory is managed with jNode vs. C.

If someone can write an howto port a Linux driver to jNode it would be a great job !


Rx/Tx rings

The rings gave me some problems too, but you can look at the rtl8139 driver for more help, I hope. Ethereal was a big help ( About porting linux drivers direct, we have to be avare of most linux drivers are GPL and jnode are LGPL.


bad news

of course, thanks for trying, I guess someone will pick it up sooner or later anyway.
I think I now have to find some other way of helping jnode, because I planed on coding the ping utility - every os needs one Eye-wink - but now without network support this seems quite impossible.


Ping command

Sorry to tell, or should I say gladly to tell, this process has just been started by someone else who wants to be a member. I'm not at my normal pc, so I can not give the name due to mail program.


I think you are talking about

I think you are talking about me.

I am working on it right now. Smiling

Pavlos Georgiadis

Hi, To use the builtin AMD


To use the builtin AMD driver you need to update
all/conf/full-plugin-list.xml and uncomment the lance driver (line 42).

I have also added <import plugin="org.jnode.driver.pci"/>
in net/descriptors/ section <requires>

Try it and please write here if it worked for you.

Use the device command


Use the device command to list all devices, then look for an eth.. device. You can also look in the debug console (Alt-F7 or Alt-F2 for old versions) and see all that was found.
However i'm not sure what the status of the vmware network driver is.

Driver status

According to Lesire Fabien the driver should be working.. I have also tryed to setup networking in vmware 4, but so fare with out success and when typing device the AMD PCNet is not pressent. How is the network setup in vmware 2/3 ??


ps. it's alt+f1 to see the debug console and alt+f7 to get back.