BeanShell problem

When bsh is started in interactive mode (simply "bsh"), it doesn't respond to anything (well except Ctrl-C).
Marc (Denty) has already raised this issue on the mailing list, but I have seen no replies yet. It would be quite helpful to get it going, so anybody any idea?

TFTP also effected

I have also noticed this problem with the TFTP client in interactive mode. I suspect the shell/console is consuming rather than releasing it to the application, or something along those lines.

I have looked at this problem and I think we face a general problem with . If you wrap in a DataInputStream the deprecated readLine() methode works. If you wrap it in an InputStreamReader and a BufferedReader the readLine of the BufferedReader doesn't work. This might be due to a bug in the two later classes in GNU Classpath.
When trying with DataInputStream there is no echo in the console (you don't see what you type) but the data gets read in with readLine as it should. I modified the tftp client to use DataInputStream until this is fixed.
This might be a starting point for solving the problem.

BeanShell problem

I originally added the beanshell project to jnode, and my debug strategy (for the problem with interactive mode) was to spackle the original beanshell code with print statements, to try to track down the source of the problem. I had it isolated to within a couple of beanshell methods, but I couldn't see a solution. I think there is a discrepancy between what beanshell requires and what jnode provides.