Steps for JNode in JNode

Here we now start to keeping track about building JNode within JNode.It is a really interesting task for Jnode development process.It will give JNode more Bugs Fixing,more functionalities.
We need some useful tools for the target JNode in JNode.

1)A Java Assembler:
We have a JNASM.But not working now for some bugs in it.need to fix them first now.(now i am looking for them; any help is welcome).
2)ISO Building Tool:
like the isofs.exe etc that we using now.
3)Java2ByteCode Converter:
A javac functional givener implemented by JAVA.
4)ANT tools:
We have the ANT tool yet.But need to make it working in JNode.

I will continue this Blog with more requirements.Comments are Welcome.

some details & tips

For 1) see with lsantha : he is the creator of JNasm ... you already know that Eye-wink

for 2) we have the basic structure since we can read cdroms and
we have a class called FileDevice (which replace a device -the cdrom device here- by a file) : there is "only" to add the writing functionality

for 3) we have 2 compilers now : javac (from openjdk) and ecj (eclipse compiler for java). The second one is known to work. For the first one, I don't know.

for 4) I am the guy who started to integrate ant in JNode. I failed because ant use some special tricks to find it own libraries in the filesystem.
maybe that can help to solve the problem : in JNode, plugins are (afaik) seen somewhere in the filesystem but I think that path is not given to plugin themselves. so, ant can't guess it and fail to run !


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