High Performance VM integration in JNode

To make JNode VM level as a High Performanced VM we need to bring a Huge changes in it; more new Experiments in it now require for making it stable.running it in more Low Memory
it is real chanllenge:::
I'm seriously considering replacing/rewriting our VM by JikesRVM. I want to share the reasons for doing so and the problems I'm encountering/expecting(during studying the Research papers of JikesRVM).

First of all the reasons:
- Writing a good & fast VM is a difficult process which takes a lot of time.(Thanks to Ewout here)
- RVM has compilers for both Intel & PowerPC
- RVM has both baseline & optimizing compilers(as the research papers are saying).
- RVM has lots of memory management options, lots of different GC types
- A lot of universities are using it for their research, which should be fast innovation.

Now the problems are :
- RVM uses an all Unix/Linux build process with bash scripts, makefiles & C tools. These should be replaced by java, ant.
- RVM is less "controllable" then our own VM due to its owner (IBM) and the user base.
- RVM is huge, getting to know it is quite difficult.(it is main problem us).

I'm currently trying to contact with some JikesRVM developers to see if we can overcome most of these problems.

Ewout also wants to replace/rewrite JNodeVM with JikesRVM.So,the JIT friends need to move on it to solve this real problem.

The Papers LInk

the papers on the JikesRVM that is helping me for understanding the JIkesRVM's features that is
JikesResearch Papers