Unable to start Console

I have Jnode 0.2.4 11/06 copied from a livecd image to a bootable system.
The system runs a Riva TNT NV04 card, with 768MB of RAM.
JNode boots fully, with plugins, and runs the GUI in full color mode.
I can start and run all of the default applications from start *except Tools > Console *
When I place the cursor over it, it does not even highlight as a selectable option.

Can anyone give me some pointers on things to check for that would keep JNode from allowing me to start a console from the GUI?
I am totally new to JNode, so I am probably missing something obvious, but I assume "Tools > Console" gets me to a JNode Shell in a window in the GUI.
If I am misunderstanding what the Tools > Console link is for, then please rewire my brain for me.



I rebooted the PC, loaded Jnode (all plugins) without starting the GUI.
Once at the text console, I ran startawt.
In this session, I can choose Console and open a window with the console in it.
So, for now it seems like I have to boot to text mode first, then go graphical if I want to access the console from within the GUI.
Works for me... but it is curious that if you boot straight to GUI that the console option is not available.
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey

better to start in text mode, then run gui

Hi Robert and welcome to JNode !

it's usually better to run JNode in text mode, then run 'gc' (to invoke the garbagge collector) and after use startawt.

You should use the latest sources from subversion because 0.2.4 is very old and since that release we started to move to OpenJDK and did many other things.

Don't hesitate to come on our irc channel if you need some help.


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Thanks for the confirmation, and also for the tip about a gc call before startawt.

And, I am building a bootable JNode PC from subversion. That's the subject of my next post Eye-wink
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey