Release 0.1.6

I'm glad to announce that JNode has just released a new intermediate release reflecting the current state of development.
Highlights of this release are: a port of Charva, which can be used for textmode GUI's, significant improvements of the VM, a read-only NTFS implementation and many more.

After many requests, this release contains a seperate sources file. The sources are now no longer on the ISO image.

How to install JNode

Hi all,

I have grabed the source from cvs and runed the build scripts.
Which filles do I need to get JNode running?
I have a harddisk (HD) with grub on it (not in mbr but in first sector of disk), currently I have Red hat linux on it but I don't use it so I could remove it (removing the partitions).
How can install it then and add the boot image to grub?



New files uploaded

The release files have been re-uploaded, to fix some minor bugs in the build system and the dhcp support.

Please Ensure the sources would complier pass!!!

once ago,I download 0.15version jnode,I unzip the source and build

it,but report error.then I lookup the bbs,you say the cvs source can

complier pass,so I do it.but the result is down alse:(.

Do you tell me how to do?

My env is:


2.nasm 0.98 (32bit,dos)

The error report is:build-x86.xml "nasmw.exe -o ……-f ……“。

What happened according to the report and how can I to do it?

What is the exact error

Can you please submit the full error message.

The error Message report


[asm] Compiling 1 source files to F:\jnode\all\build\x86\native\output
[asm] BUILD FAILED: file:F:/jnode/all/build-x86.xml:141: CreateProcess: nasmw.exe -o F:\jnode\all\build\x86\native\output\jnode.o -f elf -l F:\jnode\all\build\x86\native\jnodenative.lst -IF:\jnode\core\src\native\x86\ -IF:\jnode\all\build\x86\native\src\ F:\jnode\core\src\native\x86\jnode.asm error=87
Total time: 39 seconds

Put nasmw in PATH

Make sure that you have nasmw installed and it is available via the PATH.

already in path

my nasmw.exe is already in c:\j2sdk1.4.2_03\bin;

maybe the issue is "nasmw.exe" program???

nasmw.exe size:309k
C:\>nasmw -v
NASM version 0.98.35 compiled on Oct 28 2002

LANG=simple chinese!
[asm] Compiling 1 source files to F:\Jnode\all\build\x86\native\output
[asm] BUILD FAILED: file:F:/Jnode/all/build-x86.xml:141: CreateProcess: nasmw.exe -o F:\Jnode\all\build\x86\native\output\jnode.o -f elf -l F:\Jnode\all\build\x86\native\jnodenative.lst -IF:\Jnode\all\build\x86\native\src\ -IF:\Jnode\core\src\native\x86\ F:\Jnode\core\src\native\x86\jnode.asm error=2
Total time: 50 seconds

Use newer version

Make sure to use a newer version. There have been problems with this version before.
I'm using 0.98.38 and it is placed in c:\Windows.