Newbie to JNode - JNode meant to be a standalone/network operating system?

Hi All
I joined JNode several months ago. However I have not been able to contribute anything to it, as I have been busy with other matters.
Now I would like to dive in. First of all, I have below a paragraph detailing fundamental questions crucial to improving my understanding of JNode. This understanding would help me contribute to JNode development from this point forward.

JNode is meant to be a Java Operating System, right? To start with, I have wondered about how one would test JNode as an operating system. I would think that being a huge Java application itself, JNode needs another operating system so it (its source) could be built and deployed. Now once JNode is built and deployed (as an executable?), do I have something like a set of Jar files or an EAR file that can be used to install brand new "Java Operating System on a PC or a PC partition with no Operating System to start with?

This is just a simplistic understanding that I have of JNode so far. I would be very appreciative if the kind folks here could help me out. Thanks very much for your time, patience and understanding.

like any other OS...


like any other operating system (or program) JNode needs a development environment. Today you may use at least windows or linux to build JNode.

The downloadable "set" of JNode consists of an iso image and different version of virtual drive images to use with vmware player. So you are able to run JNode from a cdrom (just burn the iso image) on real hardware or test it inside a virtual machine (vmware player is freeware).

If you like to ask other questions feel free to join irc #JNode


IRC client for Windows

I was wondering which IRC client I might want to use. I know about MIRc, which has a 30 day evaluation period. Do you know of any other free IRC client (for Windows) that I can use?

Thanks again

java irc client

you can use JChatIRC.
It's a pure java irc client so it should run on windows Eye-wink

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Thanks very much

Thanks very much. See you soon on IRC.


thanks for the reply

Thanks very much for the reply. I will join IRC #JNode.