mk-Tools on JNode- mkjfat

The JNode based JFAT formatter now working on JNode.Primarily it is working as the Quick Formatter technique.The Command for formating a HDD with JFAT is as :

  • jnode\>mkjfat -c [1|2|4|8|16|32|64] hdb0

  • mkjfat- It is the command name.

  • -c - Specifying the Cluster Size.Here,1 stands for 1KB.2 for 2 KB.
  • hdb0-The Partition Name going to be formatted.

    1)Supporting to the Deep Formatting.
    2)Supports to the FDD,RamDisk,and Flash ROM(hence the
    USB Properties enhancement is going on).
    3)Adding the mk-(EXT2+NTFS+ISO9660) support.