Start GUI Interface

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Anybody can tell me how can i start the graphic mode for JNode? and where are the .java files?

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gui test

We have just a test gui interface. it is not really running. But we are working on this. the problem is actualy the speed. You can try the test ba typeing : org.jnode.test.gui.JNodeWTTest in the command line. Use Alt+F12 to come back in console mode.

What are the current issues?

I would like to help out and am just now starting to look at the code.

How are you debugging? Are you able to put System.out/err to a file to inspect later?



Hi, I am not sure how you can log in a file right now but we are using the Log4J console that is started at startup to log things for debuging. If you boot JNode and press Alt+F7 you will see it. You can also use the UDP protocol for loging somehow..but I have no clue how. The main problem is the speed and that we have no good font library. I have no clue why it is so slow and we have found a library implemented for project that looks very nice(antialiasing and all) but we had no time and workforce to integrate it. Many peoples said they will try to do it but I received no imput from them after that. If you really wanna help we can discuss more on MSN messenger maybe. We are now working on a low level graphic framework much like directX but we are just in the ideas phase. Maybe you can start debug the AbstractGraphics class and its subclases to see why the GUI is so slow.