BOOTP/DHCP checkins

Hi, I saw a lot of activity in DHCP and BOOTP sources. can somone tell me what are this sources for? What network card drivers are you using for testing?

BOOTP/DHCP/TFTP client/servers

So far, there is:
BOOTP client (command 'bootp', configures network interfaces)
DHCP client (command 'dhcp', configures network interfaces, lacks lease management)
BOOTP server (no dedicated command as yet)
TFTP client (command 'tftp')
TFTP server (no dedicated command as yet)

It should be possible to network boot a machine from a JNode machine running the BOOTP+TFTP server combination. I have yet to test this, though.

dhcp command

New dhcp command use to BOOTP to populate network interface IP. I've tested it with a realtek network card and it works great Smiling.