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Hello all,

I try to fix LANCE driver and develop a driver for the EEPRO100 ethernet card but it's really hard to do with only linux driver source code as reference. Is someone have reference or advice about how ethernet device works and how to implement net device driver ?


Other sources available

Hi, I've got an eepro100 driver (java source) that has been donated by WebSprocket, mail me, then i can send it to you.


I can work on that too..

I have an eepro 100 on 2 computers actually..so I could do the driver if he doesn't want to.

LANCE driver for VMWare 4

I have been trying for the last two weeks to complete the LANCE Ethernet driver, focusing initially to work on VMWare 4.0 (AMD PCnet PCI II Am79C970A). Most of this time was spent on trying to get the device to load the initialization block, and to read/write the receive and transmit rings. 90% of this effort was debugging a missed frame interrupt error when the device received a packet. I finally had a major break through last night and can now do transmits and receives! So far I have tested bootp, UDPSendTest, and UDPTest; all work on VMWare 4. I was planning on doing so more testing, and checking it in this weekend with some info on lessons learned. I know that there are other people working on this driver and was wondering if anyone has gotten this far? Is there anyone that would object to me checking this in? Anyone that I should coordinate with?

Does anyone know what devices older versions of VMWare use? Any request for other LANCE based devices that this driver should be compatable with?

Also, thanks to the folks that have created JNode, I am very impressed with it and planning on trying to help out the effort. Gone are the day of cryptic procedural device drivers and OS APIs, and hello to fully object oriented operating system!

LANCE driver for VMWare 4


If it's possible, commit your change and we can make testing too. More wa are to test, more chance we have to find problems Smiling. And i m really interested by your "info on lessons learned".


LANCE driver for VMWare 4

I am ready to check-in the additions to the LANCE driver, but realized that I haven't been setup as a developer for the SourceForge jnode project. I sent a message to Ewout Prangsma ([email protected]) throught a SourceForge mail form. Is this the correct way to request to become a developer? I am not sure if this got to him?

Also, does any know of a link, or have information about how to setup eclipse to commit changes to the jnode cvs?

The LANCE driver seem to be working very well with VMWare 4 (this is the only LANCE device that I have access to). The driver should work with all AMD PCnet PCI devices, but may require slight changes for devices other than AMD PCnet PCI II Am79C970A (the infostructure for defining device flags is there, but not currently used). The class layout should be able to support a wider range of LANCE devices, that would require a different format for the initialization block and descriptor rings.


Chris Cole
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Mail bounced

Hi, I tried to email you back, but your mail bounced. Please contact Martin (see JNode-Net team) with this.

I think you should check in..we need it

Pls check in..we really need this driver. What isn't implemented in your version?

I have an EEPRO card..

would be great to have the driver..