SPAM in JNode blogs

It is irritating, to say the least.

So why do they do it? Surely they don't think that JNode readers are stupid enough to follow the links do they?

My guess is that it is actually about boosting the ranking of pages in Google, etc search results. So why don't we put the blog entry pages into a separate tree and set up a robots.txt file to tell web crawlers not to index them? Or put 'meta' tags into the pages to do the same?

What do people think? Do we have any drupal experts?


Forget about my first post. I had a look at the spam filter in drupal and it is a bit more extensible than I thought. It contains a nice regular expression filter which we currently don't use.

Starting with the next non-filtered spam message I'll start to extend that filter. I think we'll get rid of the remaining spam that way easily.

Btw I saw in the logs that we have about 10times as much spam in comments compared to spam in blog entries.

I did edit your post to

I did edit your post to allow user comments, I hope you don't mind Smiling

I like your idea very much and I had a look at drupal and found two things:
1.: pathauto, a module for drupal to allow aliases by specifying patterns.

2.: In our current configuration there are allready some kind of aliases (see e.g. vs. But the webconfig only allows to specify single aliases. There is a small example for a more difficult setup too, but it needs changing the php scripts.

I think I could do the second task, for the first I'm missing the admin password which I probably need. Any other opinion?

On another note we plan for quite some time to update drupal to a more recent version, but that has to wait after the next release.