DHCP command error

I try dhcp with 2 different systems (Vmware/lance and PC/Realtek) and i received following exception :
java.lang.RuntimeException : US-ASCII in BOOTPHeader. Any suggestions ?


US-ASCII encoding not currently supported in JNode

To ensure robust design, I explicitly reference the US-ASCII string encoding, rather than assuming the platform default, when dealing with strings<->bytes (there would be problems if UTF-16 happened to be the default). Usually, this is not problematic, since the US-ASCII encoding is required as part of the Java API. However, GNU Classpath doesn't provide US-ASCII support straight-out-of-the-box. But, it is very easy to add US-ASCII to Classpath. Simply add the following line to org.jnode.vm.VmSystem.getInitProperties(),
res.put("gnu.java.io.encoding_scheme_alias.US-ASCII", "ISO8859-1");
(US-ASCII is the lower 7bits of ISO8859-1).


Nice work Mark, it works just fine. I've added it to CVS.