How to mount the VMWare disk?

Hi there,
I tried to mount the all/build/jnodedisk.pln as my Virtual Disk (IDE 0:0) on VMWare 4.0.5 Linux but get:
Unable to open either the disk '/home/peter/programs/jnode/all/build/jnodedisk.pln' or the redo log './jnodedisk.pln.REDO_RfR1c3'
Failed to configure disk ide0:0. The virtual machine cannot be powered on with an unconfigured disk.

What is wrong?


plain disks

As far as I know plain disks do not work with vmware 4. You can use the CDROM image though.


VMWare Server 1.0.1

Yeah, it isn't working for VMWare Server either. Same problem.

Since that is the version they are convincing people to use, perhaps the documentation here needs updated or clarified?


Ok, I found the relevant VMWare support page:

Plain Disk
VMware Workstation 2.0 offered an experimental disk type called plain disk. In VMware Workstation 2.0, virtual disks could be no larger than 2GB. Plain disks provided a way to create larger disks for the virtual machine. VMware Workstation 3.x allows you to create large disks - up to 256GB - as virtual disks. Consequently, this version does not support creation of new plain disks.

Virtual machines with plain disks created in VMware Workstation 2.0 do run under VMware Workstation 3.x.

Maybe we should consider creating a VMDK file for the new spec?

CDROM image - how?

thanks for the reply. I read some howto on creating ISO images under windows. I am running VMWare on gentoo so how do I create the ISO-fiel? It doesn t seem to be created by the ant build ...


use the target 'cdrom'

If you run Ant with the target cdrom, you will have the iso image in path to JNode\all\build\jnode.iso.

You must have a tool named mkisofs in your path (I think it's a standard tool under Linux).