Prepartions for the new release

We are planning a new intermediary developper release of JNode for 27.09.2007 .
All active developers, please use the following days for testing JNode, fixing any possible regressions, fixing any issues you think will fit in and sending in your ready but unsubmitted code.

Thanks, Levente


Excellent. Will the filesystem fixes pending in the bug tracker be applied before this release? I'd love to move from a svn snapshot to an actual numbered release.

JNode 0.2.5 has been released

JNode 0.2.5 has been already released but we will consider the uncommited part of your patches for the next release.
It would be helpful in evauluating a patch if you posted a vmware disk image too which exposes the speciffic bug if it's the case.

Disk images

If I could, I would. One problem is that the images we get come with an NDA attached. The other problem is that uploading an 80GB disk image takes a while. Sad