Exposing JNode features as Web Services

what do you think about Exposing some JNode features as Web Services (or at least with RMI, but that could be a limitation) ?

For example in this manner we could have a ManageabilityService that (authorized) Clients (local to the Pc or remote) could Query or Interact.

In Windows NT/2000/Xp I can query the Services of other Pc, but I can't do much more ... I think that's the time to implement some of these functions to enable Remote Managing of a JNode Pc (by a System Administrator for ex.) Querying, Reconfiguring the System, take Control of the Remote Desktop, etc. .


Crypto APIs already implemented?

Is Jnode already able to perform encryption? I think this should be done first, to be able implement remote administration securely.


Legion of the bouncy castle

There is an opensource crypto implementation at http://www.bouncycastle.org/ that jnode could use.