Death on charva exit.

On quitting charva's Tutorial class, my system hangs. (The bottom half of the screen looks like a charva frame, but the top half is cleared.) Mouse input still works, and the charva 'x' cursor moves around, but that's all I get. Do you reproduce this, or am I solo?

startup hang using nvidia chipset

My System hangs when starting the JNodeWTest with a black screen, using a nvidia nforce (v1) graphics chipset, is this chipset supported?

The AWTTest using standard 640*480 resolution works fine.

Bug solved

WTTest now starts, this was due to a AccessControlException that was not visible, because the text console already lost the focus and did not display anything anymore.

The JNServer now closes the (WT) console in case of an error in the start procedure.


Last time I tried the WTTest it worked. Today I had the same exprience like described above. However I cannot start the charva demo and I cannot start a new with console -n. I noticed that the JNServer lately uses a new certain JNConsole class. This might have something to do with the problem.

I made charva to create as many threads as are necessary for the normal functioning (3 I think) unlike the original where certain user actions trigger the creation of new threads that are never stopped. I made a test with it and after some time and sever hundreds of threads the JVM dies on Linux. Conclusion CHARVA was never used for anything more serious then a demo, but why not be JNode the first in this too. I managed to stop two of the three threads on exit that I told I started up by the JNode version of CHARVA. The third one doesn't gets started again when you start a new CHARVA application, so the new app can reuse it. As soo as I will have enough time for it and can start up CHARVA again I will do some more work on it. The new security features might have caused all this stuff to stop working. So we need to further investigate how to deny and how to permit things.


Bug in WT i guess

I Guess this is a bug in WT at the moment, i have the same. Since AWTTest works, I don't think it is the driver.


I get this too

I get this too. This is a BUG in Charva porting. The problem is with the way charva is implemented. Charva is starting many threads and doesn't care to shut them down. this part is not right implemented I gues. You can debug it a litle and try find a way to do it beter.

Some Charva Bugs Fixed

Bugfixes for Charva: now it exits, and focus goes back to the shell console (sometimes requires ctrl-c, see below), and you can have an unbounded number of lines in textarea. (it used to crash at 30 lines because offscreen coordinates were referenced.)

I changed the implementation of charva.awt.Toolkit so that Toolkit.close() does not discard the Toolkit instance, and getDefaultToolkit() does not create a new instance on the next call.

Sometimes on charva.awt.Tutorial exit or charvabsh exit, not all threads have exited cleanly. To return control to the console, you need to press ctrl-c after exiting the application.

If charva gets cranky, you can ctrl-z, and charva.awt.Toolkit unregisters itself and requests the main shell console to come up.

again, to see these demos, run:


from the command line. charvabsh still has issues with classloading (can only reference classes that the bsh plugin knows about), and you still need to press evaluate twice before anything comes up.

Give me a file system and a compiler, and we'll soon be able to write, save, compile, all within jnode.