Use .torrents to download jnode


I was wondering if you have considered the option of allowing downloads through .torrents, it does so in a P2P network and therefore downloads musch faster. Also it doesn't get stalled, as the usual FTP does.

There is a great Java program called Azureus that is multiplatform and can download .torrents, I bet that can be made to work in JNode itself, making it self hosting.


Tell it to SourceForge :-)

We are currently using SourceForge as our download provider. We don't have the financial resources to set up our own download infrastructure and pay for the bandwidth. But if you can suggest some company or organization that would be willing to provide torrent-based download infrastructure to us (for free), I'm sure we would consider it!

If SourceForge already provides this option, please let us know. The SF website is displaying ads over the top of their pull-down menus (duh!) and I cannot get to their help pages.

Gnutella 1&2 to download JNode

We can use Gnutella to distribite JNode.
Gnutella 1&2 netwoks does not need tracker (as BitTorrent). this is, gnutella 1&2 allow to share the files WHOTHOUT static ip or http or ftp server
And the HTTP download does not provide hash chek, this is, maybe are downloaded a corrupted file with HTTP download, gnutella 1&2 test the hashes to ensure than file are not corrupted

I forget to put the link

Here are the magnet link to download JNode (include voxel http link and sha1 hash check): jnode-x86-0.2.6.iso.gz

how can i get it please

how can i get it please send url to my email [email protected] thank you!

downloading JNode from sourceforge

In that page from JNode site (you can also click on the "Downloads" button on the top of the site Eye-wink, you will have links to download JNode.

You can also click on the "Select a different mirror?" link in sourceforge site : in general, the closer the mirror is from you the faster the download will be.


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