beginer problems: freezes just after boot

I have just downloaded Jnode and booted it
It looks like a very interesting system and I am thinking getting involved with this project

My Problem
When it boots it seems to freeze just after I get control of the mouse
ranging between 2 seconds and 60 seconds before locking up
but this could be just me as i have only just started fiddling with it

I'll try to narrow it down and put in a bug report when I'm convinced its not me doing something wrong Smiling
(I'm using VMware server if that matters)

Any ideas

More info

Vmware server is fine, but what matters is the amount of memory you assign to it (should be at least 500MB). It also matters what you exactly did? I suppose you did "startawt" to test the GUI, try to run a "gc" before.

Good luck and welcome to JNode