Problems getting Jnode source files on to Windows Vista

I'm trying to get the Jnode source on to my Windows machine.
Following instructions on this page (, I typed the following into subversion:
svn co jnode

After what seemed like a very lengthy download, I got an error. The last few lines from the command window follow:

A jnode\all\lib\x86\nbgrub-tulip
A jnode\all\lib\x86\nbgrub-tiara
A jnode\all\lib\x86\pxegrub-via_rhine
A jnode\all\lib\jnode.xml
A jnode\all\bin-nt
A jnode\all\bin-nt\grubinstall-nt.exe
svn: In directory 'jnode\all\bin-nt'
svn: Can't move 'jnode\all\bin-nt\.svn\tmp\grubinstall-nt.exe.tmp' to 'jnode\all
\bin-nt\grubinstall-nt.exe': Access is denied.

Now, what's wacky is I cannot even find where any of those files (that I thought I was downloading) on to my computer.

Can someone please help me understand:
What that svn command did?
What the error means?
If it was a download, where should I look for the files?

Thanks much.

Try using Windows Search

Try using Windows Search to find one of the files before the one that failed. I've no idea why you might be getting "access denied". Perhaps some anti-virus software is getting in your way?

Actually, if I were you I'd give up trying to use Windows. Software development is easier on Linux in my experience. AFAIK, most serious JNode hackers use Linux for their cross-development platform.

No Jnode files found

I've searched my entire computer for anything remotely having to do with Jnode. There isn't anything there. Though, while the download was happening, I was checking... and my available disk space was decreasing.

Could all of that stuff have been put in a hidden or strangely named file, of some sort?

Can someone tell me what the svn command was supposed to do, exactly? What is the 'A' at the begining of every line of output? Was it actually supposed to be a download? Was I supposed to specify an existing directory?


need to read subversion(=svn) doc ?

It seems to me that you don't know subversion. If that's the case, maybe you should look at subversion doc :

Anyway, it would be better to use an IDE like eclipse because you don't have to know the subversion commands (search on JNode site, there is a tutorial for eclipse).


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Great suggestion!

Thanks, Fabien.
I got the Subversion plugin for NetBeans, and the download now seems to be working like a champ...

Stay tuned for when I'm back here complaining about compile errors. Smiling