Why do not create a gui server that suports XDMCP Xserver protocol, to run remote server gui?

X Server

There is a pure Java X Server under GPL already: http://www.jcraft.com/weirdx/. You might want to port this one to JNode instead of writing a new one Eye-wink

Graphics2D impl...

To draw something in java you need a Graphics2D object. We don't have that..I mean we have it but it is very very slow..So we need work here before anything else.

Where is it?

I would like to try to speed it up a bit. Which class should I have a look at? <jnode-home&gt/gui/src/awt/org/jnode/awt/peer/JNodeGraphics.java and JNodeGraphicsPeer.java? Is there already a test class for the Graphics2D?


test classes.

Test classes are many I think but non of them are performance tests. There is an AWTTest class or you can try with JNodeWTTest. I think you should write your own test class for performance tests.

There is one already

Hi, I am at work so I can't tell you for sure. I know that there is an AbstractGraphics class. you an start from there and look in it's hierarchy.

Thanks Valentin

I'll give it a try.