hi and introductions

Hello all. My name is Nathan Guannan Zhang. You can call me Nate.

I am new here. I need a tour around the site, and I need to get to know the software. If anyone can do that, I will give him one of the things I usually hawk but for free this time. More details on that here.

I have been programming in various languages since I was a kid. I started at age nine, with BASIC, later some BASICA and finally a stayed with QBASIC until I was acquainted with Perl and PHP in 2002, at age 15. Then I did a little PHP, experimented with XML and did a lot of HTML for myself and friends. I have had several failed attempts at maintaining a MySpace page, so if you come across a Nathan Zhang, or several, they're probably my failed attempts. I have a long-used Facebook page. Just search for Nathan Guannan Zhang (as one search term, three words) and you will find me. I like more friends. You will probably need to mention that you know me from JNode. I also have a Ning account, nathanzhang, and a netlog account, space_farmer. I am a former member of NANAE, before it effectively died.

I am a HUGE fan of science fiction, esp. Heinlein, Clarke, and Asimov, and I am yearning to see any complete Monty Python film. I have yet to read in full one of Cory Doctorow's books.

Finally, I should leave up with you that I make a meager living from designing card models and puzzles. If you ever want to get one of my card models or space-themed puzzles, just go to Rocket Cards or Nathanic Puzzles to get my card models or puzzles. There are ways to get them for free as well!

So now I leave you with, Hello, and Merry Christmas, and I hope to be a good contributor to this project one day, even if I may never be a dev team member!

welcome to JNode :)

You are welcome to JNode !

You can help us not only by developing. For example, you can test and report bugs, write documentation & tutorials, promote JNode in real world or on the internet, help new comers (later, when you will be more experienced with it), ...


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