Can't run JNode 0.2.5 with VMware Workstation


some days ago I was discovering JNode and I really would like to take a look at it. So I downloaded the current version (0.2.5) and created a new virtual machine. I tried several settings (MS-DOS machine, "Other OS" machine, ...), but it doesn't work until now, then I tried to redownload and many other downloads. I can select OS Version from GRUB but shortly after that it does not go on booting. Should I try using JNode 0.2.4 or 0.2.3, because I couldn't find the "without MP"-Versions in GRUB.

I would like to contribute to JNode, because I like programming, but I have only seen screenshots up to now and I must say JNode looks great, but I can't see it live Sad, but I really would like to!


memory problem ?

Hi Siegfried and welcome to jnode Smiling

What do you mean by "does not go on booting" ?
What do you see exactly on the screen ?

How much memory did you give ? If you give less than 256 MB, I think that could be the source of the problem.

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exception thrown


my settings:
- 20.0GB IDE HDD
- 1 processor
- 512 MB RAM

last lines of output:
Device startup took 2438ms: fb-pci(0,15,0)
.........Cannot start hda
org.jnode.driver.DriverException: Cannot read partition table
at org.jnode.driver.block.ide.disk.IDEDiskDriver.startDevice(IDEDiskDriver. java:138)
at org.jnode.driver.Device.start(
at org.jnode.driver.AbstractDeviceManager.start( 0)
at org.jnode.driver.AbstractDeviceManager.register( :167)
at org.jnode.driver.bus.ide.DefaultIDEControllerDriver.registerDevices(Defaul
at org.jnode.driver.bus.ide.DefaultIDEControllerDriver$l.execute(DefaultIDECo
at org. jnode.vm.scheduler. VmThread.runThread( Caused by: IDE timeout: timeout
at org.jnode.driver.block.ide.disk.IDEDiskDriver.startDevice(IDEDiskDriver.ja va:l06)
... 9 More
INFO [DefaultIDEControllerDriverl: hda=VMware Virtual IDE Hard Drive

Hope this helps!

maybe you can send me a detailed list of all settings you use in VMware.


The dist is not formated

Hi Siegfried,

you didn't partition and/or format the disc. Remove the disc from your configuration for a first test. Then it should work.

And even with the not formated/partitioned disc JNode should boot. I guess the exception gets written beyond the promt. Try to press enter some times.

Need to document VMware virtual disc setup.

Could a JNode FS expert please write a simple step-by-step description of how to set up a VMWare virtual disc that JNode can use?

  • What kind(s) of virtual disk are recommended?
  • What JNode device name(s) will they have?
  • How do you format them? From JNode? Externally?
  • How do you "mount" them once formatted?

I'd do it myself ... but I couldn't figure it out myself.

Same problem here

I have kind of the same problem.
I used to boot Linux in vmware to partition and format the disc. I know, that's not how it's supposed to work, but it's easy, quick and works Smiling

Ext2 doesn't work


I used Linux to boot and formated my virtual disc with Ext2, but this doesn't work with JNode. Still same exception.

Peter could you explain how you did it?



You are able to format an Ext2 partition directly from JNode. I test it with VirtualBox and it works.

Fabien L.

how to get the device id?


I discovered a format command in Jnode and its requiring a device id. How can I get the device id for my virtual disk?


Device command

You can use 'device' command to found device id related to device. if are 'hdX' for hardrive and 'hdXN' for partitions.

I hope it's clear and help you.

Fabien L.

Bad that I didn't document

Bad that I did never document it :/
I had some issues first too and I'm no ext2 expert. Afair there are different "block types" and JNode only understands one of them. If you boot JNode with your non-working formatted disk you should switch to the debug console. There's extended debug info that should give you a clue. To get a working disk you either need to set appropriate switches to get the correct "block type" or you need to create a small disc image (<=2GB afair), then the correct type will be choosen automatically.

I hope that helps. Otherwise in our download section there's a ready to use ext2 and vfat image.

got it working!


so now I deleted the disk and the exception is gone! Then I tried it again, but it was not working! But now I discovered I should type "startawt" at the command prompt ... I am a fool! Now it works!

Looks great, but could not manage to set screen resolution higher than 800x600x32.

Thanks guys!

But how can I start to develop programs for JNode? How can I get them into VMware without a virtual disk?