Applications starting with J

Here is details about applications whose name starts with J

  • JUnit
  • website :
    comments : only tested in console mode.

  • javac
  • website :
    comments : the sun compiler for java. It works fine, but you can run into GC bugs when you compile your first program. The following "warm-up" sequence avoids this:

    1. Run "gc".
    2. Run "javac" with no arguments.
    3. Run "gc" again.
    4. Use "javac" to compile a (small) program.
  • Jetty6
  • website :
    comments : it works partially

  • JEdit
  • website :
    comments : by using jedit.jar alone, I only see the splash screen. If I try the installer, it fails at 0% of progress with an "IOException" dialog box but no stacktrace.

  • JChatIRC
  • website :
    comments :