sun community innovation awards

Sun has announced community innovation awards.

Here is an interesting discussion about participation around openjdk.

It seems we could participate.

What do you think ? should we participate ?
comments are welcome Smiling

go for grant money

tell them you wish to make a jini based net bootable os for use in compute grids Smiling , running on anything from hundreds of standard pc formats to hundreds of thousands of JStamps

Also, just a nice simple os for hosting services and for net appliance creation is badly needed.

You will be able to bridge the gap between embedded and traditional server.

Good luck!

You should

I'm great fan of JNode. Although I have too much work to participate, I'm watching the progress and it seems that JNode shows how an operating system should work in the future.

I'm surprised that effort such as JNode is not directly supported by Sun. So go and participate. And win!

Of course!

You can't succeed unless you try.
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey

draft rules

The draft proposal for the rules of sun community innovation awards is available here


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