explain a bit about GNU classpath

i checked on the internet about GNU classpath. what i understood from that is classpath is a open source implememtation of java runtime libraries. as from the architeture of Jnode, we have a nano kernel written in C on top a bootloader which i think loads this classpath. And later on the JVM takes over... running Jnode ... i agree i could have missed out some steps in it. can anybody explain me the actual bootup a bit clear .... i am a newbie so please bear with me ..

boot process


I will give it a try.

First of all, JNode consists of different parts written in different programming languages. These are:

  • Assembler
  • mixed: Assembler / Java
  • Java
  • The Kernel is written in Assembler, there are classes written in in both, Assembler and Java (using JNI - Java Native Interface, e.g. org.jnode.vm.Unsafe) and most of the JNode system is written in Java.

    Since the JNode Kernel is a multiboot compatible it is loaded by grub in our case.

    The Kernel does initialization stuff, like setting up memory management (e.g. GDT and so on), determin what processor(s) are running and finally sets up the Java Virtual Machine, which is written in Java.

    This Virtual Machine needs one implementation of the Java Classes like every other JVM. In JNode we used to use GNU classpath, but I'm not sure if JNode actually uses a mix out of openJDK and GNU classpath.

    When you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us via IRC.

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    correction ..... nano

    correction ..... nano kernel written in assembly ....