the look of all gui

What is the one thing every system has in common the GUI there is a bar with icons and a such. but have you ever been to those websites about movies with the greatest Fake GUI interface, or have you watched tv and said "wish my desktop acted like that" Well I then say why not here. make that web line point of view transion that poeple see when the tv star moves throu the system. Or you could watch any hack movie and get thousands of idea that with java are possiable. I am very favorable too the X-men website system that they constructed for the movies. I know it might be a bit graphicly challenging but if you can bring too the table a new style you will make a splash so high that microsoft will attempt to copy you. don't look like everyone else look better...

graphics vs. usability

I don't know whether JNode is mature enough to start thinking about Look and Feel. I think everybody here wishes JNode to have better GUI than any other OS, but there is a long way to go yet.

Personaly I would be careful about GUI and would focus on usability instead of on tons of graphic effects. I think every modern OS must be user centered and primarly easy to use. Would take MacOS X and iPhone as inspiration where to start.

However there could be an board collecting GUI concepts and ideas for JNode. But I don't know whether it's not premature.