What is with the eepro network driver?

is somone working on it? I would like to test the network implementation but I can't do that coze my network cards are not supported. I have a intel eepro 100 card and I would like to wrie a driver for it but I am asking first. Somone said once that there are some java sources available..is this true? if yes can I get them?

Me again

Me again, checking to see if anyone has made any progress on an eepro driver. I am going to take a crack at it this week.

Found the eepro developer manual

Intel(R) 8255x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller Family Open Source Software Developer Manual

Cool that it's now available for OSS. Used to be by NDA only.

Status of EEPRO100?

What is the status of this driver? This is the only NIC I have. It appears to be detected and gets the MAC, but I see no network activity using Ethereal, nor using the CLI eg ping. Was the Tx/Rx for this driver ever completed?

Re : Status of EEPRO100?

Tx/Rx is not complete for the moment. Unfortunatly, my development pc with eepro card is out.


Basic Driver

I'm work on it but atm i have only coded driver detection and mac address detection (works!) and i'm on Rx/Tx developement part.Ewout send me a former java driver but adapt it to jnode is not an easy way.

If you want i can put my code to the CVS but it a really ALPHA-STAGE code Smiling.


Commit to CVS.

First eepro100 driver core is commit.

Features (really limited) :
.- Detect adapter type.
.- Get MAC Address.

All advices and/or remarks are welcom Smiling


can I get that sources?

can you sand me that sources too? I would like to look at them.

source is on CVS, get the las

source is on CVS, get the last version (HEAD) and rebuild

no..I mean the ones from ewout

no..I mean the ones from ewout.. the java driver donated by somebody...are they also in? if yes where?

It is not that?

It is not that do you will get ?

hi, that would be great

maybe I can take a look at it and help you go along..but I don't wanna stop you from anything..right now I am very very busy at my work place so I also don't have to much time..but I would like to try this networking stuff..

Hi. i have tested the driv


i have tested the driver on armada m300 (compaq), the mac address is OK Eye-wink

good luck