Jnode new user help

i downloaded the iso file and unzipped and burned the image to the CD. the system boots from the CD. but end up in command prompt. not ending up in gui desktop. whats the problem. i have a usb mouse-it show some error while booting something like resending signal to mouse.Can anybody guide me.

i have intel 945gcnl m/b
2.20 core2duo
1GB ram

How does the OS UI will look like

Tarimala Ramakanth

because if it is competing with windows it should look very nice.

Take a look at the screenshots


... or download the ISO and give it a try.

In the long term, a UI that is as glitzy as Windows or Mac or a mature desktop Linux would be a "nice". But (IMO) it would take 10's or 100's of man-years of effort to compete directly with these platforms, so I don't see this as a realistic goal for JNode. IMO, there are lots of other more realistic (and interesting) goals for JNode.

Try GC more than one time

If the screen is freezing. try to cancel (Alt-F12) reply gc -> startawt... maybe it works Laughing out loud

file downloaded

jnode_x86_0.2.5.iso.gz, gzip compressed ISO image.
Uncompress it to burn a CD-ROM with or to use in VMWare.

grub menu for gui disabled

For that release, we have disabled the grub menu for gui.
When you are on the command line type
- "gc" (for now, it's recommended to run it before starting gui)
- then "startawt" to start the gui


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yes! its freezing

yes-from command line i typed-gc" and then startawt- there was some prgress this time. it ended up in desktop very less resolution and frozen. Neither keyboard or mouse was working, i dont even see a mouse cursor-from there i had to restart from system. what should i do now!

No Graphics Driver

That means there is no driver for your graphics card.
So you will only see the VGA Version, which is very basic, has wrong colors, and no cursor (since all other drivers use hardware cursors).

So you could either not use the GUI mode of Jnode, write support for your card, writing a vesa driver,...

No comfortable options but you're welcome to help Smiling