boot.log , Is it a good iddee ?

Sometime, on the boot we can't show an error message beacause the screen scoll very quickly.

Perhaspe you can add a logwriter, this logger put boot message on a buffer until RAMDISK is up.
When it is, he can flush the buffer into a file /jnode/boot.log.

Is it a good iddee ?
Somebody need that ?

I think it is.

This feature would be very useful and the proposed "sequence-diagram" looks fine.

Imagine a centralized database where thousand of Jnode users would voluntarily send their bootlogs in order to evaluate Jnode's stability : what a dream Smiling)



Have you tried shift+upkey to scroll ?

I know that the buffer of lines for console is limited.
Sometime (but not at boot for me) even when using shift+upkey the first lines of the console are lost.

However, after typing some shell commands, boot messages are lost.