turning jnode into multithreaded os

whats everyones take on making jnode multithreaded to improve its performance?

JNode already is multi-threaded!

Perhaps you mean add multi-processor support? JNode has multi-processor support in the codebase, but AFAIK it is incomplete and disabled by default. If you are an expert on such things (and you understand garbage collectors) please feel free to help us out.

im still really new to

im still really new to java. i took the course this year as part of my degree. i am more then willing to take a stab at it.

You are a brave man!

I've had many years Java experience ... plus JVM internals, etc ... and fixing JNode multi-processor support would be a difficult task for me!

If I were you, I'd pick a much easier task.

what u have in mind for me

what u have in mind for me

Here are some ideas

  1. Look through the bug requests for a bug that looks simple, and see if you can work out the solution. For example, I submitted one some time ago that complains that 'dir' only works with one argument.
  2. Pick one of the simple UNIX commands commonly used in shell scripts and try to write a JNode version. For example, 'cut', 'sort', 'head', and so on. Or take an existing UNIX-like JNode command and implement missing features.
  3. Find some useful Java application and try to port it to JNode.

I'm sure other developers have ideas. Get onto IRC and ask.