ATI Radeon driver

I've committed a first version of a ATI Radeon driver.
It it currently without acceleration support.

If you have an ATI radeon, please add your PCI ID's and give it a try (and let me know the results)


has anyone tried the Radeon

has anyone tried the Radeon driver with the Radeon Mobile x300? i'm running on a Dell Latitude D610.

where can i add the PCI ID? is that in the ./gui/descriptors/


You're right about the place to add the pci id. However not all radeons are supported by the driver (yet), so there is a large change that it will not work.


not working for me (Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9600)

I have tried without modification and with modification in parseArchitecture according to pci.ids (with "RV350" or "4024")
but it always use VgaDriver

here is the line in pci.ids :
1458 4024 Giga-Byte GV-R96128D Primary

PCI id added to descriptor?

Have you added this PCI id to the descriptor?

You should add a row like

Add PCI id descriptor?

How does one add a PCI descriptor? I have a hunch that is necessary for JNode to respond to my ATI Rage Mobility video card, but I don't know how to give it this information.

Do I add a line of code to PCI_ids that I found from:

Or is this something different?

adding pci id

See the descriptor of the driver (descriptors directory).

You should add a line there. It is probably clear what to add, if not post back.